A  World  Leader  in  Power  for  Cathodic  Protection

R-SS has 20 years of professional designing and manufacturing experience in highest quality sodium hypochorite generator by electrolyzing seawater or brine, ICCP system and Mixed Metal Oxide(MMO) anode field. It is specialized in various aspects of the business including sales & marketing, engineering R&D, also providing worldwide professional after-sales service.

Since 2005, we had a fresh opportunity to start technical cooperation and communication with several most famous companies from USA, Britain and Hongkong, thereby improving our product design constantly and ensuring the products technology to keep pace with the international advanced level. R-SS has focused and expertized across a range of industrial applications and also service many end-user markets including power, shipping, offshore platform, chemical industry field, etc.

•​ Installation support
• Equipment commissioning
• Troubleshooting and repairs
• Planned or corrective maintenance
• Survey and condition reports
• Equipment modifications and upgrades
• Conduct familiarity training


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